At Woodheyes we have a variety of activities and entertainment with something happening everyday.  We have frequent visits from church choirs, singers, musicians, entertainers and a host of in-house events.


Regular Cheese & Wine and Garden Parties are included as part of our entertainment programme as well as our annual Christmas Pantomime, which is always eagerly awaited from a theatrical company who visit us.  We also celebrate all birthdays and play bingo, dominoes as well as other games and if you feel up to it, you can participate in our indoor morning exercise classes!


We also have a lovely garden to tender to and a vegetable patches where you can pick seasonal fruits and vegetables.  In our courtyard we have a sensory garden where you can walk along the lavander path and smell the roses and hear the bamboo swish in the wind.  However, if you prefer to enjoy your own personal past time activity for example, knitting or painting we can assist you to carry on with your preferred activity.


We regularly visit our local coffee shop and from time to time we visit our nearby pub for a pub lunch!  There's always something to look forward to!

There are no additional costs to our residents to enjoy everything on our monthly programme.




Take walk along our lavender path in our sensory courtyard